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1:1 Press Release

posted Aug 20, 2016, 5:30 PM by William Brackett

This is the press release from July 2014 regarding BCSD's 1:1

BCSD 1:1 Plan

posted Aug 20, 2016, 5:26 PM by William Brackett

This is the 1:1 plan passed in 2013.

BCSD 1 to 1 FAQ

posted Aug 20, 2016, 5:24 PM by William Brackett

BCSD 1 to 1 FAQ

Is the Chromebook mine?

No the Chromebook is property of the Burlington Community School District purchased with public money. The Chromebook will be returned to the district at the end of every school year. If you leave the district, the Chromebook will be expected to be returned on your last day of attendance.

Do I get the same Chromebook each year?
Yes, BCSD will make every effort to return the same Chromebook back to each student each year. The Chromebook has a projected lifespan of 4 years. After 4 years that model will be replaced.

What is a Chromebook?
Click on the Chromebook Info link here or along the left side of the window.

Will students be able to take the Chromebook home?
Yes.  The device will be checked out to the student at the beginning of the school year and will be collected at the end of the school year.

I don’t want my student to have a Chromebook.  Can I opt out?
No.  These devices will be an integral part of classroom instruction, and without a device, students would be unable to participate fully in classroom activities and assignments.

I’m concerned about my student accessing inappropriate information on the Internet.  What are you doing about that?
Burlington Community School District is in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and maintains a content filter and firewall for all Internet-enabled computers and equipment.  Regardless of physical location (in district or out), the Chromebooks will have all Internet traffic monitored and filtered by the district.

Can a student bring in his/her own laptop?
For a couple reasons, we will have to insist that all students use a district-issued Chromebook at school. First, if students bring a multitude of devices that operate differently and don't have a common set of applications, it becomes impossible for classroom teachers to plan lessons. In addition, we do not allow non-district owned devices access to our wireless network.

Do I need to have Internet service at home for this device to work?
Regardless of device, Internet access is becoming more and more important to the educational process.  Teachers are continually finding and using information, resources, tools, and programs on the Web to enhance their curriculum.   While the Chromebook can be equipped with off-line apps that can be used when the device is not connected to the Internet, there may be some projects and assignments that do require Internet access.

How do the Chromebooks connect to the Internet?
The Chromebooks being purchased by the district will have built-in WiFi, so they can connect to any available WiFi network.  They will be set up to automatically connect to the WiFi network in both schools, but will also be able to connect to any home or public WiFi network.  There is an option to connect to a wired network, but that will require the purchase of an additional adapter.  We are still testing these devices and will have more information available later.

Can you use a wireless mouse with the Chromebook?
Yes, you can use a wireless mouse that has a USB adapter that plugs into the Chromebook.

Will faculty or staff be able to access or control the webcam on the Chromebook?
No.  Faculty and staff will not have access to remote control the Chromebooks in any way.  We do, however, use tools that  allow the teacher to view the students’ screens during the school day.

When we graduate from high school can we buy the Chromebook that was issued?
There are no current plans to allow students to purchase their Chromebooks when they graduate.

Will the school district issue students a mouse or headphones?
No. BCSD will not issue extra equipment to students. Students are free to use their personal equipment with the Chromebook.

How is the Chromebook protected?
BCSD issues each Chromebook with a padded case. When not in use students and staff should put the Chromebook back in the case for added protection against damage.

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